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Wine Making Journal

The Wine Making Journal is an easy to use journal to record all of your homemade wine batches.

The journal has sections for recording

  • the primary fermentation
  • the secondary fermentation
  • bottling
  • and tasting of each batch

Wine Making Journal

The Tall Tale Tape Measure

My Latest project, co-founded by Andy, is the Tall Tale Tape Measure, over at We’ve just added some great new graphics created by Ben Bird at Phoenix Designs. Check em out:
Bigger is Better
Bigger Is Better

Kid’s Time Out App

Hi Everyone,

My first app for the iOS has been released. It makes it easy to time your child’s Time Out. It should be very helpful for moms and dads that are dealing with their naughty children.

So, for all you mothers and fathers out there check it out:

White Trash / White Avenue

White Trash / White Avenue