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6 tips for a friend in need aka the 3am wake up call.

Here’s some great tips for when a friend does the following:

  • Calls you at 3:00am
  • Is Drunk
  • Is wandering around downtown with no jacket and its 27 degrees out
  • Asks you to come rescue them

When you finally locate drunk friend, you should take the following steps, in order.

  1. Ensure that he has his keys, if you don’t your just going to have to make the trip twice.
  2. Drive directly to the nearest warm place that he can sleep it off.
  3. Drive in the right most lane, so you can make a quick stop once he realizes that he needs to puke.
  4. Say any of the following to his drunken apologies: “Yep”, “Uh-Huh”, “No Problem”, “Yep, it’s pretty cold”, and “I can’t believe she said that!”
  5. Ensure he gets into the front door of his house/apartment, otherwise you’ll be getting another phone call.
  6. Finally, collect some Taxi Cab business cards and give them to your friend in the near future.

¬†Please don’t ask for names, I’m leaving them out to protect the guilty.¬† And please, everyone have a safe holiday season. Go Packers!

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