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Weight loss challenge of the century of the year.

Ok, so Dan C at work and I have through down the weight loss gauntlet. We will be using two entirely different methods. This should show some interesting results.

Here’s Dan’s method, in his own words:

My weight loss philosophy involves simple lifestyle changes to lose weight and enjoy a healthy life.   My doctor has asked me to limit my carb intake and add more exercise to my routine.  In addition to a low to moderate carb diet my focus will be on eliminating high fat food from my diet.  My diet will not be extreme but rather a sensible and moderate approach to reducing carbohydrates and fat from my diet.  I will increase my exercise by setting a goal of hitting the stepper 4 times a week.   If I were to write a diet book it would have two chapters:
I.                    Eat Less.
II.                  Get off your fat ass and run!

And for mine, I’ve just ordered “Mastering the art of French Cooking” by Julia Child. Cheese and Wine are a major part of French cuisine, and I’m really looking forward to this part of it.  I will not be shunning fat at all, saturated fat will be just fine as well. Yum.

To keep it interesting and motivational, the lowest loser (by percentage) each week will throw $5 into the pot. The winner overall, after 12 weeks, takes the whole pot. We are allowed to do whatever exercising we wish.

I’ll post progress reports and the final results in the weeks to come.

Update: We have a late starter, Matt has joined this competition on Monday.

Starting numbers:
Dan C, at 5’11” has weighed in at 222.8 lbs
Me, Adam, at 6’1” has weighed in at 268.2 lbs
Matt at 6’0″ has weighed in at 247 lbs

Let the games begin.

Week 1 Results

The best Xbox 360 shelf ever.

I just finished building and installing my custom Xbox 360 shelf. Lots of thanks to my father-in-law Steve for all of his help. It turned out great, even if I do say so myself.  It includes a special spot for the Xbox 360 itself, and for the Kinect.  Behind the Kinnect and the drawers is the Xbox 360 power brick and other cables. It also includes cable management for extra devices, such as the access point on the top right.

Tell me what you think.

More pictures below the fold: